Last Minute Valentines Day Tips We Know You Need…

We at the Blog Team are famous for being last minute shoppers! Given how packed your social lives as young high school and college students must be, we thought you could benefit from a few quick V-Day ideas!

1. Chocolates

Whether you are looking to buy a girl or a guy a gift, chocolates are the best bet. Now, if you know your significant others’ favorite chocolate, not only did you buy them a gift, you bought them a “thoughtful” gift and it won’t go unnoticed!

2. Gag Gifts

If you and your significant other have a sense of humor, gag gifts are the way to go.  Here are a few examples: get a really fancy gift box (all of $2-5) and add some really heavy stones to the box or take a plain white t-shirt and spray paint “t-shirt” on it!

CAUTION: Make sure “she” has a sense of humor because we know guys appreciate gag gifts more than some women do!

3. Propose 

We know this will be a V-Day to remember! Guys, it may seem extremely cheesy to propose on V-Day but think of this way – you ll be celebrating your engagement anniversary and V-day both on the same day.., which means you only have to buy one gift here on out every February 14th!

And if you need inspiration, here is a cute video proposal we found:

4. Play “Words with Friends”

What??? We thought we would encourage those of you who are still single to get out a little more….. Start a game of “words with friends” with a random opponent. (CAUTION: Be smart about it, we can’t teach you how to be a good judge of character but we know you are smart enough to separate the creeps from the not-so-creepy)

Say what? Yes, thats right – “words with friends” – you know that addictive app on your i-phone.  Well apparently more than one couple have met via this game and actually went one step further and decided to get married all courtesy “words with friends”. (

We would love to hear from you – Tell us your V-day ideas.

– The Blog Team






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