Dog Day Afternoon

If you already haven’t noticed tagline, here it is: We Love Talking About Things! In light of this, today’s feature presentation: DOGS

Ok lets be honest here, who doesn’t love dogs? A recent incident that happened to one of our own blog team members stirred this post. Her dog (a cute lab beagle mix) had gained some holiday (puppy!) weight and was having a tough time exercising it off!  We all know dogs are a lot smarter than human beings, we think this dog might be the exception!

So to cut a long story short, her poor dog was too fat to get through the house gate and got stuck between the gate bars. As the dogs owners began to frantically panic, various suggestions were thrown out to cut the dog loose. In our team members own words “Buttering the dog was definitely an option”.  However, much to our dismay, the dog owner only had the healthy brand of butter (yes, we are talking “i cant believe its not butter” brand) and buttering was soon ruled out.  So they did what any dog owner would do – they bought really expensive tools from the hardware store and began to break the bars apart.  The poor dog was so frightened she somehow managed to wiggle her way out of the bars.

Lesson Learned: Scare the living daylights out of your dog and she’ll never be fat again! (Ok PLEASE don’t do that, PETA is already knocking at our doors.)

Which brings us to the super bowl and two important suggestions:

1. Volkswagen Lazy Dog Ad

Our favorite ad from the super bowl had to be the the Volkswagen Lazy Dog Ad. Incase you missed it, here it is:

Get your dog to WATCH it – on REPEAT!

2.  Dog TV

It’s official, Cable has “gone to the dogs” (pun intended). DOGTV, a 24 hour dog channel dedicated to keeping your dog company at home while you are away, is slated to come out soon. (

Our Advice: Get your dog to WATCH the Volkswagen Lazy Dog Ad – on REPEAT! or make sure you have legitimate butter!!  We don’t want your fat dog getting stuck and you not being able to butter him/her out because you had the WRONG BUTTER!

And trust us, we aren’t making fun of dogs.  In fact WE LOVE Dogs.  We even tried to get tickets to the First Annual Golden Collar Awards! (here is your backstage pass:

Do you have any funny dog stories to share with us? We would love to hear from you.

And if you, like us, LOVE dogs but don’t know if anyone else does – is your pitstop! At, you can find people with similar interests to yours all in the same backyard as your college.

We are launching soon, so LOOK out!

– The Blog Team


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