Asian Marketplace : Our Top Picks

Why We Love Asian Food?

To us, Asian food represents authenticity.  But more importantly, Asian food represents the best feel good restaurants you will ever encounter.

Don’t get us wrong, Panda Express is Great – Most of the members of this blog team frequented Panda Express, located at the historic, “CAMPUS CENTER” flushed in the center of the University of Southern California (USC), more than once. We all even stood in lines circling the building twice over……, all in the name of – GREAT CHINESE FAST FOOD.

But we wanted to go one step further and introduce you to some of our other top picks. Unfortunately, they spread all across Southern California but if you are a true foodie — distance won’t be an issue.  (In fact, we think we might have just slobbered our laptop with saliva!)

Ah now to the harsh truth: A FEW ASIAN RESTAURANTS YOU CAN”T MISS

1. Cream Pan Bakery

Cream Pan, is a Japanese bakery located in Tustin, CA.

So we confess….they are not a restaurant but their strawberry croissant happens to be their signature selling item as well as the fastest selling item.  You would be lucky to get one after 10 AM.  And if you like coffee – top that strawberry croissant with coffee and you can’t go wrong.

2. Fresh Paradise

We all know a good chicken tikka masala.  But if you are someone who likes Indian food but are skeptical about the morning after, fresh paradise is a safe bet.  According to our Indian team member, “Fresh Paradise is the best Indian food you will get in Southern California”. Don’t forget to try their gobi manchurian – simply amazing! (Located in Chino Hills)

3. Thuyen Vien 

So you thought vegetarian pha didn’t exist.  Or you were thinking – why would someone eat VEGETARIAN PHA? Well try Thuyen Vien and you ll put all your dispositions to rest. We don’t want to say anything more – next time you are in Anaheim, this is the place you want to go.

We want to leave you with something truly remarkable to think about – and we think they have some Asian treats.

You’ve heard that firefighters are good cooks, but have you also heard that today’s fire service is rich with cultural diversity which has introduced a whole new world of taste into the firehouse kitchens of America. Fire Captain & Chef Eddie Sell has taken these exciting changes & has created Firehouse Fusion Food that imparts these flavors into delicious gourmet street food that is hitting the streets of Southern California in March of 2012! The FHC Food Truck will offer a variety of signature sandwiches, crisp & tasty salads, comfort finger foods & a Firehouse Chefs Special that will be inspired from our FHC Team.

Great fusion food served to you by a very “nice (wink)” fireman….. WIN – WIN.

Do you have a favorite Asian restaurant we should hear about? Write back, we LOVE OUR FOOD.

– The Blog Team


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