Have You Thought About Your College Essay?

In addition to talking about everything under the sun – we at http://www.campusnow.com Blog Team want to be a resource for getting useful tips that will help you through college. Here, is Tip No:1.

We all know that all important college essay…the essay you spend countless hours and drafts on hoping some of your favorite/top ranked schools notice it.

Was I funny enough? Did I sound intelligent enough? Does this even look good?

All questions we have asked ourselves more than once. Don’t worry – we are here to help.

4 Tips To Writing A Good Essay:

These tips are based on a conversation one of our Blog Team members’ had with a California University admissions office personnel. (However, these tips are applicable to any college essay.)

1. Explain WHY You Want To Go The School You Are Applying To

…it could be because they have the best pre-med program or it could be because they have the best football team (GO TROJANS!). They don’t care what your reason is – they just want to know why. If you can back you reasoning with a logical explanation, why would anyone question you?!

2. Indicate the Specific Program You Are Applying For

This may seem obvious could prove to be tricky for those of you who decide to check the “undecided” box on your application form. In stead, indicate subjects you are considering and why. At least they know that you have some focus and interest in academia.

3. Show Them That You Are A Well – Rounded Individual

Now if you fit the typical stereotypical straight A student – we applaud you. We know you are going to get in to a great school (join the ranks of Jeremy Lin at Harvard and all that). For those of you who don’t have perfect grades – there might still be hope. If you can show that you have other achievements to boast about – you will still catch their attention. A recent applicant had detailed his after hours school work at his dad’s auto shop and won the admissions office over. They believed he demonstrated maturity and passion that no other student at his age had demonstrated.


If there is anything you want to take away from this post, it’s Tip #4. Use your college essay to “show off” everything you’ve ever accomplished. I know it sounds hard – no one likes blowing their own trumpet — but consider this your golden opportunity.

At the end of the day, be honest. You would be surprised how far honesty actually goes.

We would love to hear from you!

– The http://www.campusnow.com Blog Team


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