What Should You Look For In A College?


It’s almost that time of the year for high school students to zero in on colleges they want to go.  Mom says “UCLA”, Dad is hell bent on “USC”. (A typical married couple fued!) And for those of you already in college, you are probably thinking “why am I even here?”

If you have been asking yourself these questions, this post is meant for you.

Four Things To Look For In A College: (not your typical list)

1. Faculty

Faculty will make or break your college experience. We, at http://www.campusnow.com truly believe that without great teachers, we would have never achieved the goals we set for ourselves.  More importantly, do your research – you want a faculty member that is easy on assignment deadlines, is actually enjoyable to listen to and has an “outdoor” class schedule planned such that you get to the beach “for class”!

The best way to figure this out – check out faculty reviews online. Students LOVE talking about how much they love or dislike a teacher – use that to your advantage.

2. Housing

Shouldn’t I be concerned with getting into college before I think about housing? Sure, but we want to make sure that once you are in college, housing doesn’t come in the way. We’ve heard some awful stories about bad plumbing, lighting, scarce hot water and thefts to not throw this tip out there. Do your homework — University websites usually provide non-University housing information. We doubt they endorse bad housing.

3. Flexibility

This tip is mostly for the academic — you want to be able to make the most of your college life.  What we mean is; if you are a business major but have a passion for cinema, you want to be at a college that lets you take classes at the cinema school as part of your business major.

4. Food

For those of you who have read our past posts you know how much WE LOVE FOOD.  This tip comes pretty easy……You want your college to have some pretty remarkable food. Spend time scouting the area — we are serious!

We want to hear from you. Do you have tips that you wish you had read about back when you were considering college options?

– The www.campusnow.com Blog Team

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