Adventures of A California Girl – Part 1

One of our blog team members hit New York this week.  For someone from California, New York can be a lot to handle. We will let her explain.


I (who has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid further ridicule) started my journey in New York at the great John F Kennedy Airport. Following signs that read “Air Train” seems easy enough right – WRONG. You would think I would have had this down by now – I have flown in to JFK in the past. But lets be honest here – I am a Woman and like all intelligent Women, I suck at directions!

Tip #1: Remember if you are taking a train to Jamaica station and you get on to a train saying Howard Beach, you need to actually get off at Federal Square and switch trains. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! The guy in the red shirt who is placed at the station to guide people like me actually questioned my ability to read when I politely asked him whether the train even went to Jamaica to begin with. So much for my California niceness!

Things You Should NOT Do While in New York:

1. Don’t assume that a “metro card” works on every train or else be ready to be really embarrassed!

Boy, did I learn that the hard way! New York has over four different kinds of trains you can take while in the City. This includes trains to Jersey as well. Make sure you have the right ticket! I played the lost, confused tourist when the train official approached me for my ticket — it sort of worked. She only fined me five times the ticket price – in retrospect, it wasn’t jail, whew!

2. Don’t assume you can’t “people watch” on the subway… You sure as hell can!

At first, I thought to myself, “I am in a confined space so to make things less awkward let me stare at my feet.” Well you are probably the only one then. People watching is acceptable and in fact encouraged subway etiquette. I always wondered what people were thinking while they were people watching but it sure did look like there was A LOT OF SIZING UP!

3. Don’t ask a New Yorker about the weather

In anticipation of traveling to New York, I asked a New Yorker for weather information. Her response “It feels like Spring”. That was complete nonsense – IT WAS FREEZING. Yeah she was cruising the streets with just a t-shirt while I pretty much looked an eskimo but what they consider spring, I consider insanely cold! I think I stopped at over five coffee shops through the day just to stay warm. #constantcaffeinehigh

4. Don’t expect to not gain any weight

There is way too much pizza and falafel floating around…. it’s hard to say NO. You would think that walking around the city would help fight off the pizza calories – well if you are a chicken (purposefully included food analogy) like me then the thought of walking in the cold would only encourage you to resort to eating comfort food, a.k.a PIZZA!

Like this post?……..This is only Part 1 – stay tuned for more.


Do you have similar (preferably embarrassing) stories to share?

– The Blog Team


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