Adventures Of A California Girl – Part 2

We, at weren’t joking when we said there was more. Here is part 2 and we can proudly confirm that our girl has returned home….., perhaps scarred for life!
I thought I had finally settled in to the New York way of life… You know, walking fast, oblivious to everyone else’s existence. But with New York, everyday can prove to be a BRAND NEW DAY!!
What NOT To Do In New York:
1. There is absolutely no requirement to stop at a stop sign!!
You know you are a tourist when you are the only one actually waiting at the stop sign. New Yorkers don’t care.. I mean the worst that could happen is that they will get run over and a hot shot personal injury lawyer will sue and win them a lot of money… It’s Win-Win.
2. Don’t pretend you know anything about Russia
Ok we all know that for some reason New York has a lot of Russians (so we do know why but lets pretend like we don’t). And it seemed like any other day in New York when I got lost trying to find my way to Lexington Avenue and ended up in some sort of jewelry district. Long story short – there were a lot of Russians here. And me being my chatty self decided to strike up a conversation with one of these Russians. In some twisted way I thought I knew how to say “vodka” the Russian way… I think he thought I was crazy and here is a friendly piece of unsolicited advice — there is no real Russian way to say “vodka” and even if there is, don’t even try attempting it!
3. There is a skill to jogging in New York
We all love running outdoors…It’s one of the perks of living in California. Don’t even dare trying it in New York. Firstly I don’t understand how one does it. It’s so insanely cold that even thinking about running brings fear to my mind. Further, you have to be a real master of efficiently changing course every millisecond because there are way too many pedestrians to think otherwise. And then there is this permanent pizza aroma in the air that actual running could prove to be distracting!
4. Master the New York Walk
Share your stories with us… We want to hear from you.
– The Blog Team

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