Matt Barkley: Great Quarterback or the Greatest ?!

Remember our Anonymous USC loyalist from last week?

Well, he did us ( the honor of writing something he is truly passionate about – no prizes for guessing…we all know it has to do with one of USC’s finest: Matt Barkley. (FYI our Mr. Anonymous goes by Matt…we don’t think it’s a coincidence!)



(October 28, 2011 – Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)


December 22nd 2011, a day that will live in infamy, a young strapping lad with golden locks approaches the podium in heritage hall. There to no doubt that the announcement has to do with him leaving USC to take his ‘God like’ skills to the NFL.

When it happened, Matt Barkley shocked the world, and filled Trojans faithful hearts with joy and championship aspiration by saying “This team has some serious unfinished business to attend to, and I intend to play a part in it, I am staying because I want to finish what I started”, and with that statement the USC Trojans became the hands down favorite to win the BSC national championship, the very year they were eligible to play for the championship again on the arm of the golden god!

If I had to describe how amazing his skills were, I’d say they were right up there with a bacon wrapped Twinkie deep fried and served with a side of honey badger. In 2011 Matt Barkley broke the single season school record for touchdowns in a game by throwing for 6 Touchdowns on November 4th against the Colorado (buffalos) and again in December when the Trojans handed the UCLA a 50-0 drumming, which led to the firing of UCLA’s coach.

Matt Barkley threw more touchdowns in a game twice over than some of USC’s greatest like Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Pete Beathard, Steve Sogge, Mike Rae and Paul McDonald. That is some elite company!

Also Barkley, set a Pac-12 record for touchdown passes and a school record for completion percentage. But that wasn’t enough for the savior of Troy, he then went on to also set single-game USC records for touchdowns, completions, passing yardage and total offense. He also lead the Trojans to a 10-2 record, including a history over the Oregon Ducks in Eugene who won the PAC-12 championship game over UCLA ( only because the NCAA would not allow the Trojans to play in the game) and every time Barkley broke a USC record, he made sure to acknowledged his place in a Trojans quarterback lineage that includes Heisman Trophy winners and leaders of national championship teams.

When asked about Matt Barkley’s return to USC, Trojans great Brad Johnson said “Just imagine being the No. 1 Trojan of all time, That’s better than being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” You may now pick your jaws off the ground! There is no doubt that Matt Barkley, who only took 3 seasons to break these records, who has led the Trojans to become the favorites in the BCS, next season, and who is a front runner for the Heisman trophy, will go down as the greatest quarterback to put on the cardinal and gold.

“82 sluggo win” 


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