Mexican Fiesta: Our Top Picks

Gabbi’s Kitchen – Valentines Day Special Cocktail are back and this time with our favorite mexican restaurants…after all, California does have some of the best mexican food……. and we aren’t restricting ourselves to the infamous 12am Del Taco run only (though we highly recommend it!).

Three Mexican Restaurants You Can’t Miss:

1. Mercado La Paloma

If you want a place with variety, check out Mercado La Palmoa. It might only be a food court – but it is one very authentic food court. Located close to the DMV (Hope street) this place has the “feel good home-cooked filled with love” kind of food. Plus, VALUE FOR MONEY.

2. Gabbi’s Kitchen

If you don’t like the food court feel but still want to have authentic mexican food, Gabbi’s kitchen is your place. The ambiance is perfect for date night or simply a girls/boys night out. Don’t expect to get a table without a reservation. And if you do get a table, don’t forget to indulge in their salsa.

If you are someone who is fairly ambitious in your food choices – try their habanero. Every bite will bring joy to your tummy! (Located in Chapman, Orange)

3. Javier’s – Newport Beach

Great view, great food and great crowd. Its the drive leading to javiers that sets the tone for the rest of the night. You are right next to the ocean and that oceanic calmness resonates throughout. Great place for a medium sized group of people who want a fun night out. The portions are just right and we recommend sampling a few cocktails at the bar before you settle down for your meal.

Do you have favorite mexican restaurant we should hear about?

– The Blog Team

Remember: Don’t Drink and Drive.


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