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Do You Have A Spring Resolution?


Fine, totally made up the “spring resolution”….. but we highly advocate its inception in to everyone’s daily life.

What is it? 

We like to look at a spring resolution as more of a spring revival…. A revival of your new years resolution!

Every January 1st we all decide to give some resolutions a shot — mostly weight related, some financially related, nothing academic related!

For those of you who have gone off the resolution path, here are Three Tips to help you get back on:

1. Take Those New Years Resolution And Cut Them In Half

Be realistic… You were slightly inebriated on New Years and decided to take on more than you could handle in terms of New Years Resolution. Let’s cut that list down to half and sincerely aim to stick to your new list. Our advice is pick the ones you sorted of started with after new years… And continue them while eliminating the others that you never even got to. For ex: If you had decided to lose weight by hitting the gym five times a week but end up going only once a week, let’s aim to go twice a week starting this spring. Realistic enough?

2. Improve Your Efficiency

How? If any task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it right away. You ll see that your efficiency would have gone up drastically as you are no longer mentally distracted by the fact that you have to do the laundry!

3. Get A Partner

Doing things in teams always helps one keep in check. Going back to our gym example — you are more likely to keep with your resolution if you had a partner going to the gym with you. He/she will keep you in check..Motivate you to keep up and probably make you slightly insecure if they are hitting the gym while you are at home watching “gossip girl”!

What do you think? Will Spring Resolutions work?

– The Blog Team

Matt Barkley: Great Quarterback or the Greatest ?!

Remember our Anonymous USC loyalist from last week?

Well, he did us ( the honor of writing something he is truly passionate about – no prizes for guessing…we all know it has to do with one of USC’s finest: Matt Barkley. (FYI our Mr. Anonymous goes by Matt…we don’t think it’s a coincidence!)



(October 28, 2011 – Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)


December 22nd 2011, a day that will live in infamy, a young strapping lad with golden locks approaches the podium in heritage hall. There to no doubt that the announcement has to do with him leaving USC to take his ‘God like’ skills to the NFL.

When it happened, Matt Barkley shocked the world, and filled Trojans faithful hearts with joy and championship aspiration by saying “This team has some serious unfinished business to attend to, and I intend to play a part in it, I am staying because I want to finish what I started”, and with that statement the USC Trojans became the hands down favorite to win the BSC national championship, the very year they were eligible to play for the championship again on the arm of the golden god!

If I had to describe how amazing his skills were, I’d say they were right up there with a bacon wrapped Twinkie deep fried and served with a side of honey badger. In 2011 Matt Barkley broke the single season school record for touchdowns in a game by throwing for 6 Touchdowns on November 4th against the Colorado (buffalos) and again in December when the Trojans handed the UCLA a 50-0 drumming, which led to the firing of UCLA’s coach.

Matt Barkley threw more touchdowns in a game twice over than some of USC’s greatest like Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Pete Beathard, Steve Sogge, Mike Rae and Paul McDonald. That is some elite company!

Also Barkley, set a Pac-12 record for touchdown passes and a school record for completion percentage. But that wasn’t enough for the savior of Troy, he then went on to also set single-game USC records for touchdowns, completions, passing yardage and total offense. He also lead the Trojans to a 10-2 record, including a history over the Oregon Ducks in Eugene who won the PAC-12 championship game over UCLA ( only because the NCAA would not allow the Trojans to play in the game) and every time Barkley broke a USC record, he made sure to acknowledged his place in a Trojans quarterback lineage that includes Heisman Trophy winners and leaders of national championship teams.

When asked about Matt Barkley’s return to USC, Trojans great Brad Johnson said “Just imagine being the No. 1 Trojan of all time, That’s better than being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” You may now pick your jaws off the ground! There is no doubt that Matt Barkley, who only took 3 seasons to break these records, who has led the Trojans to become the favorites in the BCS, next season, and who is a front runner for the Heisman trophy, will go down as the greatest quarterback to put on the cardinal and gold.

“82 sluggo win” 


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Adventures of A California Girl – Part 1

One of our blog team members hit New York this week.  For someone from California, New York can be a lot to handle. We will let her explain.


I (who has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid further ridicule) started my journey in New York at the great John F Kennedy Airport. Following signs that read “Air Train” seems easy enough right – WRONG. You would think I would have had this down by now – I have flown in to JFK in the past. But lets be honest here – I am a Woman and like all intelligent Women, I suck at directions!

Tip #1: Remember if you are taking a train to Jamaica station and you get on to a train saying Howard Beach, you need to actually get off at Federal Square and switch trains. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! The guy in the red shirt who is placed at the station to guide people like me actually questioned my ability to read when I politely asked him whether the train even went to Jamaica to begin with. So much for my California niceness!

Things You Should NOT Do While in New York:

1. Don’t assume that a “metro card” works on every train or else be ready to be really embarrassed!

Boy, did I learn that the hard way! New York has over four different kinds of trains you can take while in the City. This includes trains to Jersey as well. Make sure you have the right ticket! I played the lost, confused tourist when the train official approached me for my ticket — it sort of worked. She only fined me five times the ticket price – in retrospect, it wasn’t jail, whew!

2. Don’t assume you can’t “people watch” on the subway… You sure as hell can!

At first, I thought to myself, “I am in a confined space so to make things less awkward let me stare at my feet.” Well you are probably the only one then. People watching is acceptable and in fact encouraged subway etiquette. I always wondered what people were thinking while they were people watching but it sure did look like there was A LOT OF SIZING UP!

3. Don’t ask a New Yorker about the weather

In anticipation of traveling to New York, I asked a New Yorker for weather information. Her response “It feels like Spring”. That was complete nonsense – IT WAS FREEZING. Yeah she was cruising the streets with just a t-shirt while I pretty much looked an eskimo but what they consider spring, I consider insanely cold! I think I stopped at over five coffee shops through the day just to stay warm. #constantcaffeinehigh

4. Don’t expect to not gain any weight

There is way too much pizza and falafel floating around…. it’s hard to say NO. You would think that walking around the city would help fight off the pizza calories – well if you are a chicken (purposefully included food analogy) like me then the thought of walking in the cold would only encourage you to resort to eating comfort food, a.k.a PIZZA!

Like this post?……..This is only Part 1 – stay tuned for more.


Do you have similar (preferably embarrassing) stories to share?

– The Blog Team

What Should You Look For In A College?

It’s almost that time of the year for high school students to zero in on colleges they want to go.  Mom says “UCLA”, Dad is hell bent on “USC”. (A typical married couple fued!) And for those of you already in college, you are probably thinking “why am I even here?”

If you have been asking yourself these questions, this post is meant for you.

Four Things To Look For In A College: (not your typical list)

1. Faculty

Faculty will make or break your college experience. We, at truly believe that without great teachers, we would have never achieved the goals we set for ourselves.  More importantly, do your research – you want a faculty member that is easy on assignment deadlines, is actually enjoyable to listen to and has an “outdoor” class schedule planned such that you get to the beach “for class”!

The best way to figure this out – check out faculty reviews online. Students LOVE talking about how much they love or dislike a teacher – use that to your advantage.

2. Housing

Shouldn’t I be concerned with getting into college before I think about housing? Sure, but we want to make sure that once you are in college, housing doesn’t come in the way. We’ve heard some awful stories about bad plumbing, lighting, scarce hot water and thefts to not throw this tip out there. Do your homework — University websites usually provide non-University housing information. We doubt they endorse bad housing.

3. Flexibility

This tip is mostly for the academic — you want to be able to make the most of your college life.  What we mean is; if you are a business major but have a passion for cinema, you want to be at a college that lets you take classes at the cinema school as part of your business major.

4. Food

For those of you who have read our past posts you know how much WE LOVE FOOD.  This tip comes pretty easy……You want your college to have some pretty remarkable food. Spend time scouting the area — we are serious!

We want to hear from you. Do you have tips that you wish you had read about back when you were considering college options?

– The Blog Team

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Guest Blog Post: Is The NBA Officially Over?

We didn’t realize would take off this way but we aren’t complaining. Someone close to the Blog Team decided he wanted to blog for us. He shall remain anonymous – all we know about him is that he is probably the biggest USC (“Trojan”) fan out there.  He choose to blog about a different passion of his – The NBA (or the lack there of).

This is where it started……and possibly will end

One thing I have noticed with the NBA over the past few seasons is the diminishing quality of regular season play by the players, media and fans. Players are not worried about the importance of the regular season such as, seeding in the playoffs, conditioning for the playoffs, and not to mention contributing to my fantasy team!! Let me explain why….

1. Players:

Super star players miss games today for issues as trivial as the sniffles! I have seen headlines for players missing games due to flu like symptoms, Charlie horses, and  “Don’t feel like they can go today”… I think I am going to try to make a few of those excuses for missing work, then again I don’t make millions of dollars a year, so I don’t think my work can afford to pay me because I need to stay home and re-lace my shoes!

Superstar players will miss 3 weeks worth of games because “they don’t feel 100%”….what is that ? I never feel 100% but I still go to work, I mean sometimes my hair really hurts…But other older players such as Kobe Bryant have played through many games with broken bones, sprained ligaments, court dates in another state (don’t get me started on that topic) and slight headaches. And sticking to the Lakers praise (I sense a theme here) take Derek Fisher for example; he is 37 years old and just played his 524 consecutive regular-season game, (402 straight starts, the longest active streak in the NBA), and hasn’t missed a game since he was on the Golden State Warriors in 2005, but lets face it… the whole Warriors franchise takes off more that 50% of the season every year anyways (we know why!)

2. Media:

The media constantly questions the length of time players are in the game, even though in the 90’s players like Michael Jordon, or John Stockton would log 40 – 42 minutes a game. I constantly hear announcers saying, “he has played too long in this game”, or “you have to get him out of the game, they have another game tomorrow night”. Then I look at the stat sheet and see that players are missing 15 minutes worth of games, that’s a whole quarter! Why not just let everyone sit out the 2nd quarter because if you think about it, the second quarter is the middle child of quarters…. The First quarter you need to have a good start and build a lead, the 3rd quarter is just as important coming out of half time, and the 4th quarter is when you “ step up” your game and win! Who cares about the second quarter? I mean that’s when the bench players are in anyways, if I want to see missed shots, and lay ups I’ll watch the WNBA. Would the media be ok with its writers taking off Wednesday?

3) Fans: 

Fans don’t seem to mind either, no one watches the regular season like they watch the playoffs (probably because you don’t get to see Tyler Perry show commercials on TNT as much) even though the regular season is where the story lines for the playoffs come from, stories such as Jeremy Lin (contractually obligated to mention Linsanity when you speak of the NBA). Lin, who plays for the New York KNICKS (you’ll understand the reason why I made Knicks stand out soon) is the first American born player of Chinese decent (he was born on August 23, 1988, wears size 11 shoes, and has a 6’5” wing span) to start in the NBA. Lin who played for Harvard in college, and went undrafted in the NBA draft, was cut by the Warriors and the Rockets before he landed on the Knicks D-league team, until he was asked to start for Carmello Anthony when he went down with the sniffles (or he pulled his groin) since then all he’s done is average 25 points, 9.2 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 2.2 steals (7 turnovers) during New York’s last 9 games (8-1).

But I don’t think that is the biggest story; what’s more impressive is the fact (besides proving basketball stereotypes wrong) that in 2 weeks Jeremy Lin has already been asked out by a hot girl on you tube… I found this video on YouTube where a Florida State college student named Angie, makes her best attempt to ask Jeremy Lin to her Kappa Delta sorority formal…. I think she did a good job, I mean I know she calls him Jerry, says she heard he’s pretty good and that she likes athletes and “black guys”, and congratulates him on winning the super bowl with the New York Giants (see that’s why I did the whole KNICKS thing) she still managed to look really hot in the video.. sooo I can only assume he said yes.

We found the video just for you:

Why I think You SHOULD Watch The Regular Season:

The regular season brings life to stories that grab our attention and even Hollywood or Tim Teabow cant match what is: Jeremy Lin.

–  The Blog Team


Have You Thought About Your College Essay?

In addition to talking about everything under the sun – we at Blog Team want to be a resource for getting useful tips that will help you through college. Here, is Tip No:1.

We all know that all important college essay…the essay you spend countless hours and drafts on hoping some of your favorite/top ranked schools notice it.

Was I funny enough? Did I sound intelligent enough? Does this even look good?

All questions we have asked ourselves more than once. Don’t worry – we are here to help.

4 Tips To Writing A Good Essay:

These tips are based on a conversation one of our Blog Team members’ had with a California University admissions office personnel. (However, these tips are applicable to any college essay.)

1. Explain WHY You Want To Go The School You Are Applying To

…it could be because they have the best pre-med program or it could be because they have the best football team (GO TROJANS!). They don’t care what your reason is – they just want to know why. If you can back you reasoning with a logical explanation, why would anyone question you?!

2. Indicate the Specific Program You Are Applying For

This may seem obvious could prove to be tricky for those of you who decide to check the “undecided” box on your application form. In stead, indicate subjects you are considering and why. At least they know that you have some focus and interest in academia.

3. Show Them That You Are A Well – Rounded Individual

Now if you fit the typical stereotypical straight A student – we applaud you. We know you are going to get in to a great school (join the ranks of Jeremy Lin at Harvard and all that). For those of you who don’t have perfect grades – there might still be hope. If you can show that you have other achievements to boast about – you will still catch their attention. A recent applicant had detailed his after hours school work at his dad’s auto shop and won the admissions office over. They believed he demonstrated maturity and passion that no other student at his age had demonstrated.


If there is anything you want to take away from this post, it’s Tip #4. Use your college essay to “show off” everything you’ve ever accomplished. I know it sounds hard – no one likes blowing their own trumpet — but consider this your golden opportunity.

At the end of the day, be honest. You would be surprised how far honesty actually goes.

We would love to hear from you!

– The Blog Team