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Was Adele at the Grammys?

So you are probably wondering why we are talking about the Grammys? 

Short Answer: We at believe that people with similar interests should be able to have discussions on various topics with people they go to college with.  And well, EVERYONE LOVES THE GRAMMYS!

Few highlights that stood out to us:

1. We are going to address the elephant in the room head on – yes, Whitney Houston died, yes, it was an alleged drug overdose, and yes, EVERYONE loves her. (Good job Jennifer Hudson and Grammy management, Whitney Houston was definitely remembered.)

2. Was it just us or were Rihanna and Katy Perry always BFFs? Ok, so tabloid research revealed that they are indeed BFFs and apparently Rihanna is helping Katy though her divorce, but their friendship seemed to be excessively on display. Good to see girl power and we think Katy’s blue hair and performance were both symptoms of what we like to call “post divorce syndrome!”

3. Why we love Adele? She actually stopped mid way through her speech to apologize for letting snot run down her nose. (ok fine her rendition of “rolling in deep” had us crying too!)

4. The greatest line of the night came from Bruno Mars who during his performance yelled to the crowd to “get their rich behinds off their seats” (phrase reworked to avoid use of inappropriate language.) Thanks for keeping it real Bruno!

What did you think of the Grammys? We want to hear from you! Blog Team