Do You Have A Spring Resolution?


Fine, totally made up the “spring resolution”….. but we highly advocate its inception in to everyone’s daily life.

What is it? 

We like to look at a spring resolution as more of a spring revival…. A revival of your new years resolution!

Every January 1st we all decide to give some resolutions a shot — mostly weight related, some financially related, nothing academic related!

For those of you who have gone off the resolution path, here are Three Tips to help you get back on:

1. Take Those New Years Resolution And Cut Them In Half

Be realistic… You were slightly inebriated on New Years and decided to take on more than you could handle in terms of New Years Resolution. Let’s cut that list down to half and sincerely aim to stick to your new list. Our advice is pick the ones you sorted of started with after new years… And continue them while eliminating the others that you never even got to. For ex: If you had decided to lose weight by hitting the gym five times a week but end up going only once a week, let’s aim to go twice a week starting this spring. Realistic enough?

2. Improve Your Efficiency

How? If any task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it right away. You ll see that your efficiency would have gone up drastically as you are no longer mentally distracted by the fact that you have to do the laundry!

3. Get A Partner

Doing things in teams always helps one keep in check. Going back to our gym example — you are more likely to keep with your resolution if you had a partner going to the gym with you. He/she will keep you in check..Motivate you to keep up and probably make you slightly insecure if they are hitting the gym while you are at home watching “gossip girl”!

What do you think? Will Spring Resolutions work?

– The Blog Team


What Should You Look For In A College?

It’s almost that time of the year for high school students to zero in on colleges they want to go.  Mom says “UCLA”, Dad is hell bent on “USC”. (A typical married couple fued!) And for those of you already in college, you are probably thinking “why am I even here?”

If you have been asking yourself these questions, this post is meant for you.

Four Things To Look For In A College: (not your typical list)

1. Faculty

Faculty will make or break your college experience. We, at truly believe that without great teachers, we would have never achieved the goals we set for ourselves.  More importantly, do your research – you want a faculty member that is easy on assignment deadlines, is actually enjoyable to listen to and has an “outdoor” class schedule planned such that you get to the beach “for class”!

The best way to figure this out – check out faculty reviews online. Students LOVE talking about how much they love or dislike a teacher – use that to your advantage.

2. Housing

Shouldn’t I be concerned with getting into college before I think about housing? Sure, but we want to make sure that once you are in college, housing doesn’t come in the way. We’ve heard some awful stories about bad plumbing, lighting, scarce hot water and thefts to not throw this tip out there. Do your homework — University websites usually provide non-University housing information. We doubt they endorse bad housing.

3. Flexibility

This tip is mostly for the academic — you want to be able to make the most of your college life.  What we mean is; if you are a business major but have a passion for cinema, you want to be at a college that lets you take classes at the cinema school as part of your business major.

4. Food

For those of you who have read our past posts you know how much WE LOVE FOOD.  This tip comes pretty easy……You want your college to have some pretty remarkable food. Spend time scouting the area — we are serious!

We want to hear from you. Do you have tips that you wish you had read about back when you were considering college options?

– The Blog Team

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Have You Thought About Your College Essay?

In addition to talking about everything under the sun – we at Blog Team want to be a resource for getting useful tips that will help you through college. Here, is Tip No:1.

We all know that all important college essay…the essay you spend countless hours and drafts on hoping some of your favorite/top ranked schools notice it.

Was I funny enough? Did I sound intelligent enough? Does this even look good?

All questions we have asked ourselves more than once. Don’t worry – we are here to help.

4 Tips To Writing A Good Essay:

These tips are based on a conversation one of our Blog Team members’ had with a California University admissions office personnel. (However, these tips are applicable to any college essay.)

1. Explain WHY You Want To Go The School You Are Applying To

…it could be because they have the best pre-med program or it could be because they have the best football team (GO TROJANS!). They don’t care what your reason is – they just want to know why. If you can back you reasoning with a logical explanation, why would anyone question you?!

2. Indicate the Specific Program You Are Applying For

This may seem obvious could prove to be tricky for those of you who decide to check the “undecided” box on your application form. In stead, indicate subjects you are considering and why. At least they know that you have some focus and interest in academia.

3. Show Them That You Are A Well – Rounded Individual

Now if you fit the typical stereotypical straight A student – we applaud you. We know you are going to get in to a great school (join the ranks of Jeremy Lin at Harvard and all that). For those of you who don’t have perfect grades – there might still be hope. If you can show that you have other achievements to boast about – you will still catch their attention. A recent applicant had detailed his after hours school work at his dad’s auto shop and won the admissions office over. They believed he demonstrated maturity and passion that no other student at his age had demonstrated.


If there is anything you want to take away from this post, it’s Tip #4. Use your college essay to “show off” everything you’ve ever accomplished. I know it sounds hard – no one likes blowing their own trumpet — but consider this your golden opportunity.

At the end of the day, be honest. You would be surprised how far honesty actually goes.

We would love to hear from you!

– The Blog Team